NearForm Connect London

Exclusive breakfast meet-up event where technology leaders give the inside story on the teams, tools and culture needed to win in a digital world.


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About this Event

NearForm Connect London is the first in a series of exclusive breakfast meet-ups for our friend, peer, and partner network.

In this exciting first edition, we will be joined by a panel of industry leaders who will be sharing their secret sauce recipes for "**Building the Modern Digital Business".

What to Expect

A relaxed and insightful morning with great company, breakfast and not to be missed reports on the teams, tools and culture needed to win in a digital world.

Guest Speaker

Fred George - International Industry Consultant

Fred is an active international industry consultant and conference speaker, and has been writing code for over 50 years in (by his count) over 75 languages. He has continued to deliver projects and products across his career, and in the last two decades has worked in the US, India, China, the UK, Norway, and Jordan. An early adopter of new technologies, Fred continues to impact the industry with his leading-edge ideas, advocating MicroService Architectures since 2005 and flat team structures. He has adopted Agile practices toward client needs, exploiting the Cynefin model of Dave Snowden. He travels the globe speaking and consulting on these topics. Oh, and he still writes code!

Talk: Sabotaging a Transformation - The Myriad of Ways an Organisation Inhibits Transformation 

**Abstract: ** Transformations are difficult, and often simply fail. After all, change is usually disruptive. Even an organisation that wants to embrace change can see mediocre results. The underlying causes vary from ignorance on how to transform, to full and hostile resistance. In this talk, Fred will discuss the various causes and the strategies he has used as an outside consultant to overcome (or at least mitigate) this resistance to change, and create meaningful transformations with clients.


Shaun Bohannon - Digital CTO, Virgin Media O2

Shaun has extensive experience in both enterprise and start up environments and is focused on delivering impact by finding the right balance between speed, innovation and sustainability. Shaun has a penchant for creating new digital-savvy teams top down, and aims to design organisations that Developers, Designers and Product Owners will thrive and want to work in.

Rehman Adil - CTO and Co-founder, Cardo Health

Rehman has two decades of experience in product engineering and technology, including five years at McKinsey Digital in London as an Expert Associate Partner and client CTO. He has built IT platforms for three digital businesses and has scaled these to cover millions of users. Rehman has also led product engineering teams at Duetsche Telekom and Ericsson.

Who will be attending?

The event is exclusively reserved for NearForm network friends, partners, and industry peers.


7:45 - Registration with complimentary breakfast, tea and coffee

8:15 - Opening announcements

8:25 - Guest speaker presentation

9:05 - Coffee break

9:30 - Panel discussion with Q&A

10:20 - Closing comments

10:30 - Event closes


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