GS S04E02 AI In Hollywood!? Futures of Storytelling??


What a week it was last week for Hollywood — and what a time to be in the entertainment business.

I heard someone say the other day that AI was the future of writing and the WGA was in for a shock as soon as The Algorithm learned how to write a spot-on three act rom-com or Bourne-like thriller that just needed a bit of polish from a Production Assistant.

Could this be? Is this the moment that we’ll look back on and wonder — wow, that’s when FinalDraft decided to come out with the AI edition so that anyone could summon forth a decent (enough) screenplay to get the elusive green light?

Or will human creativity, ingenuity, production skill and nuance hold a place?

Or _ what's in between? What upstart streaming network is going to find a way to allow a few parameters to summon forth a 112 minute film in as long as it takes ChatGPT to turn a Bible passage into the lyrics of a cowboy ballad?

What are some futures of Hollywood??

What do you imagine? Have you wandered around the backlot or head office of a future Paramount or Universal or A24 in your Imagination? What did you see? What new kind of production techniques were being used? What was going on in the writer's room? Who or what was 'talent'?


Then Join us on Wed May 17th at 10AM PDT (UTC-7) and 3PM PDT (UTC-7) to travel to some futures of Hollywood and see what's happened to the world of visual storytelling.

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Additional Information

I will send you an private link to the Zoom meeting 24+ hours ahead, and another one an hour or so before, just to be sure you have everything you need. I recommend that you take a look at the General Seminar About Page to get a sense of the vibe. This is an Imagination rich session where we are looking to make sense of the topic, not make hard-and-fast predictions. We don't emphasize predictions because we believe that futures are malleable and as soon as you declare the future, you've removed your ability to imagine the world otherwise.

You may also enjoy listening to a General Seminar. We record these, and create audio digests for you and others to listen back to! Here's the one we did on Solarpunk, one of our most listened to podcast episodes. By purchasing a ticket you agree to being recorded. We don't share your full name in our digests, and the recordings are for creating a digest which we share back to you in the case where we are able to produce and audio recap.