Climate Resilience: Think and Act like a Forest Garden

We plan a round table dialogue with a range of Climate Change actors in Manchester, together with a number of national and regional organisations in support. Our question: what level of connection do we need across all climate and food focused groups and agencies in order to build the resilience that's necessary? PLUS as a new community interest company we will showcase our first offering: Forest Garden in a Box. It will be in prototype! And we will need to give some time to the formal bits: voting in the directors, and making your membership official ;-)


Additional Information

The event will take place across two locations: starting at 10:30am at the Green Fish Resource Centre, and at 12:30 moving to the Hulme Garden Centre. We close officially at 4:00pm. Jane Morris, lead forest gardener at Birchfields Park Forest Garden offers a tour to all those interested who are able to stay on after 4:00pm. Please bring some food to share at lunch.