Motorsport Sponsorship Bootcamp 2016

If you’re just getting started in racing & you are finding it hard to get sponsorship....

…or if you are putting on a great event, and you don’t know how to get commercial backing..

…or maybe you've been competing for a while, but now you want to step it up in 2016….

Then, the ‘Motorsport Sponsorship Bootcamp’ on March 1 is for you.


Additional Information

If you're frustrated that you’ve spent months working on your car, kart, motorbike or event, that you KNOW sponsors would just love to be part of, but you just can't find a way to make it happen, then attend the Motorsport Sponsorship Bootcamp

Here is what you are going to learn:

• How to get potential leads for sponsorship and how to find them • How to get the interest of the sponsor and attract them to your offering • And how to turn these potential sponsors into satisfied paying sponsors – and raving fans ...

You will discover the systems, tool and strategies to attract your ideal sponsor – all figured out and handed over to you. We guarantee to give you the step-by-step instructions and blueprints to use immediately and slice years of trial and error.

We are going to teach not just a system, but a way of thinking about sponsorship - from two people who have been successful in obtaining a high level of it – AND been on the receiving end of hundreds of sponsorship proposals – the good, the bad, and the (very) ugly – so that you can get your share of sponsorship.

Event agenda on the night

Start time: 18:45

19:00 Welcome

19:05 – 19:30 What is sponsorship? How to identify sponsors, where to meet them and what to say when you do meet them.

19:30 – 20.00 Get inside the mind of the sponsor: discover what the sponsor is really looking for, and how you can tap into what they want - and get what you want.

20:00 Coffee Break

20:15 How to ask for and close the deal with a sponsor: the essence of successful sponsorship meeting and how to close the deal