TestBash New Zealand - Conference Day

You can find full details of TestBash New Zealand Online 2020 here.


Did you know that software companies often release new versions of their products to New Zealand users first? Companies like Facebook and Twitter often test out new features on the NZ audience due to having a similar demographic to larger user bases such as the UK and US. But not Ministry of Testing, we love New Zealand far too much to do that, we’ll have four releases under our belt before we bring our latest release to New Zealand!

That release is TestBash New Zealand Online 2020. We are bringing TestBash to New Zealand again this year, but this time via the powers of the internets. This online conference won’t be back to back talks, instead, we hope to show off the vibrant New Zealand testing community, and the country's beauty to the rest of the world!


Following the great success of TestBash Home and TestBash Manchester Online, we can guarantee you a wonderful community to come together in a friendly, professional and safe environment.

Pro MoT

Attending TestBash New Zealand is included in Pro Membership. Pro members do not need to buy a ticket. Simple visit the event page, login and register.

Pro Membership is the most affordable way to attend. Annual membership is £249.99 or cheaper if you sign up for a team account. Or individuals can pay monthly at £24.99. Going Pro is the most go effective way of attending, as you also get all the benefits of Pro.

If Pro isn't an option for you or your company, you can purchase a one-off ticket to attend below.



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Ticket prices

| Ticket type | Price | Quantity | | :----------------------------------------------------: |:-----------------:| | TestBash New Zealand Online | $150 NZD | 1 to 4 | | TestBash New Zealand Online | $120 NZD | 5 to 10 | | TestBash New Zealand Online | $100 NZD | 11+ |


When and where is the conference?
TestBash New Zealand Online is taking place on the 20th of November. More information here.

Is there a code-of-conduct?
Yes, you can read it here and it is enforced.

What is MoT Pro?
The Ministry of Testing has an online learning platform called The Dojo which has free and paid-for content. The paid content can be unlocked by buying a Pro membership. The most affordable way to attend TestBash Netherlands Online is by going Pro. But if that isn't an option for you, you can buy a ticket just for this event above.

Is there a group discount available?
We offer group discounts for groups of 5 or more, the price will be automatically deducted for you.

Do I have to choose my talks in advance?
No, TestBash events are single track, so all the attendees attend all the talks.

Can I get a refund?
We can refund tickets up to 45 days prior to a TestBash event occurring. 15% admin fee applies to all refunds.

Further Questions?
If you have any additional questions, please email us at newzealand@ministryoftesting.com