Software Testing Clinic Glasgow

The Software testing clinic is a safe environment for junior testers to learn and enhance their testing skills, and for senior tests to learn and enhance their mentoring skills. For more details visit

Topic: Become a mentor

Date: 27th November: 6:00pm @ FanDuel

Software Testing Clinic Glasgow is in full swing and as ever we are looking for budding mentors to come help us with each session. To help support our mentors we're providing a session purely focused on what it means to be a mentor and how Software Testing Clinic works.

We'll answer any questions, give you some tools to assist you in mentoring and take on any suggestions for future sessions. So come take that next step and become a mentor in a safe supported environment.

ONE ticket per person, if you book two in your name, the order will be cancelled, and you will not have a place at the clinic.


  • Join Software Testing Clinic Glasgow this month when we will be be learning what skills are required for being a mentor and how Software Testing Clinic works. This ticket is for MENTORs only.
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