HolidayBash Sponsorship 2020

You can find full details of HolidayBash 2020 here.


There’s no denying that the world has been filled with sadness this year. We want to give the community something filled with fun, happiness and good memories to finish the year and we need your help.

We want to give testers all over the world a chance to have a holiday party with their friends, no matter where they are in the world. With your help, we can make this a more affordable event for everyone in the community to attend.

Our first holiday party, HolidayBash, will make its debut on the 4th of December 2020 and run for eight hours! This brand new event will feature multiple tracks so that attendees can choose the holiday track that interests them the most. There will be cocktail and mocktail making, baking competitions, hangout spaces, quizzes and challenges, mindfulness activities and much more.

Sponsorship Package

You have the opportunity to purchase a unique Green Belt package with a limited number of places available that gives you the opportunity to host your own party track at this new event.

Get creative with your own themed party “room”. We’ll provide you with your own virtual space to engage with attendees, drive conversations and showcase what your team is all about. You could run competitions, talk about issues your team face over the holiday period, share insights into tooling, how you approach software development, share vacancies, run competitions, it’s your space to get creative.

Closing date for all sponsorship packages is 27th November 2020 or until the limit runs out.

Includes Green Belt
Your own branded Party Room
A permanent badge on your company directory listing highlighting you as a sponsor for HolidayBash 2020
A social media shoutout you customise to meet your goal on Twitter
Logo on the HolidayBash event page, linking to you or your company directory listing
Brand visibility in the online event platform
20 tickets to attend HolidayBash

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Sponsorship prices

Sponsorship type Price (inc VAT) Price (excl VAT) Number of spaces available
HolidayBash Green Belt Sponsorship £3000 £2500 10 8


When and where is the party?
The party starts at 5:00 pm UK Time, on the 4th of December 2020 for 8 hours, and will be streamed online so you can attend from the comfort of your home!

Is there a code-of-conduct?
Yes, you can read it here, and it is enforced.

Can I get a refund?
No, once you purchase your sponsorship, it becomes non-refundable.

Will I receive an email confirming my sponsorship?
Yes, you'll receive an email from Tito confirming what you have agreed to and when you need to send assets through to us by. If you don't receive this within an hour of completing your purchase, check your spam folder.

What do I need to send you to be listed as a sponsor?
You’ll need to send us:

  • Your company logo as high resolution as you have, ideally in vector format.
  • Maximum 200 characters about your company (including spaces). This appears in a tooltip on the event page when the mouse is over your logo.
  • Twitter link for your company.
  • The link you’d like your logo to navigate to on our event page.

When is the sponsorship material due to Ministry of Testing by?
We need all assets to list you as a sponsor by 27th November.

When do I need to send my customised Twitter shout out to you by?
This needs to be sent to Ministry of Testing by 27th November.

Do I need to attend the event live?
Yes, this event is designed to be live and interactive. It won't be recorded. So to get the most out of your sponsorship, we really think you should attend!

What is “brand visibility in the online event platform”?
This will be any one of the following: logo on the platform reception and/or registration page, logos on the artwork surrounding the MC or a digital slideshow.

What can I do with my party room?
Get creative! You could run competitions, talk about issues your team face over the holiday period, share vacancies, run competitions, play games, it’s your space to get creative. You could create an interactive problem that encourages attendees to propose ideas, for example, a puzzle. This is your opportunity to get creative.

Is there a chat window for me to communicate with people in my party space?
Yes, there will be a chat window for you to chat with the attendees.

Further Questions?
If you have any additional questions, please email us at