Creating web applications in Python

Creating web applications in Python

We meet three Tuesdays: from 18:30 until 20:30: 12.03/19.03/26.03

If you buy a ticket we aspect you to have time to participate all these three dates.

If you ever wanted to create you own web application from scratch using Python, this course if made for you!

As a short introduction, we will analyse the typical architecture of web applications and the different technologies involved to develop, deploy and secure them. This will give you an overview about the requirements in terms of technical background and infrastructure.

Afterwards we will develop our own web application with very basic features using a Python framework (Flask or Django). We will tackle the aspect backend services as well as frontend design, so at the end the course will handle a mix of HTML templates, CSS design, JavaScript and Python.

The course will involve a lot of hands-on exercises, a Python environment and a git client will be needed to fully benefit from this course. Some experience in programming Python would be a plus, but is not absolutly necessary.

The class will be tought in German language unless we have some English speakers that do not understand German.

The ticket is not refundable and it is a women only event


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