Workshop: Progressive Web Apps with Maximiliano Firtman

In this hands-on course with one of the world's foremost experts on Progressive Web Apps, you learn how to master PWAs through live examples covering offline web, APIs, publishing and verifying and testing your PWA apps.


Additional Information

Mastering Progressive Web Apps

Introducing progressive web apps The technologies involved in PWAs (with live examples) What PWAs can offer Available APIs and architecture

Starting a basic PWA template from scratch Web app manifest basics iOS support Icon sizes and resources needed Verifying and testing the example PWA

The offline web Service workers (lifecycle, abilities, and limitations) Storage options available offline How to detect the current connection status Finishing the first PWA

Advanced techniques Advanced techniques, including background sync, WebAPKs, and dealing with display mode detection Coding an optimistic save using the background sync API How to detect if your PWA is being used in browser mode or full-screen mode More ideas to apply on service workers and PWA code Publishing in stores

Time of workshop: 09:00 - 15:00 (local Oslo time) including lunch.