MLH Hackcon IX

MLH Hackcon is the official conference for hacker community leaders. It's an opportunity to learn, build, share, connect, and celebrate the fact that as organizers and hackers, we are all in this together. With two full days of workshops, talks, and discussion sessions, there’s something for everyone. New organizers can learn best practices for running hackathons, workshops, and other community events. Seasoned organizers will also share their experiences and help guide the next generation. Imagine getting to know an organizer from a University nearby, then meeting one from across the world. With this online edition of Hackcon, we have more opportunities to meet and learn from more people than ever. Come celebrate the global hacker movement!

“The best part had to be meeting other organizers. It did tons to inspire me about our own event and made me feel more connected to the community at large.” - Organizer, Hackcon VI

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How will MLH Hackcon IX work?

We'll be gathering using an online platform. The event will run nearly the entire weekend of August 14th - 15th 2021 so organizers everywhere will have a chance to connect with the community and of course learn, build, and share.

Why are you charging for tickets?

MLH Hackcon has always has a guiding principle of accessibility, for this reason ticket prices have always been significantly subsidized to allow for as many organizers as possible to come to the conference. This year, because MLH Hackcon IX is happening in a digital format, we have the ability to make the conference completely free. However, if you want swag from the conference (including the special customized Event Jackets) you'll need to select a priced ticket.