MCF Ladies Day 24 - "Whatever is True"

Join us at our 2024 women's conference, 'Whatever is True'. It will be a great opportunity to worship God together and to dig into God's word to discover what's real and lasting. Let's learn how to build our lives and relationships on solid ground. This event will empower us to live by the truth in our everyday lives.

"Inspire them with your truth, uplifting and pure; empower them through your word, the beacon of certainty and light." (John 17:17)


Event map


October 19th, 2024

9:00am UTC

Registration begins at 9:00am with tea/coffee and pastries. Our bookshop will open at this time.

9:30am UTC
Main Event

Our main event starts at 9:30am.

Additional Information

Parking is available behind Heron or at the old pub, 146 Dyche Rd. Please do contact us with any queries about the event you may have.