• ? Why do you need a good architecture and what should it look like? We’ll go over architectures used for the development of Android apps from the beginning of Android up to the Architecture Components. What does Clean Architecture actually mean? Other technologies we’ll tackle and use are: Kotlin & DSL, Gradle Kotlin DSL, Android Architecture Components (focusing on Android Jetpack), Dependency Injection (Koin), Kotlin Coroutines, Channels, Flow, OpenApi/Swagger, Kotlin test and more. The main highlight of the evening will be a detailed look at modern architecture and a creation of a small app built on the Android Clean Architecture principles, using state-of-the-art technologies currently available for Android. This workshop is intended for Android developers with a real life experience. :) ? Language: english ? Audience: developers, SW architects 1️⃣ Level: beginners, advanced ?️ Date&time: Thurday 30.5. 13:00 - 17:00 ? Location: eMan s.r.o., U Pergamenky 12, Praha 7, 170 00 ?100% of the collected fees will be donated to a selected charity.
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