Automated Accessibility Testing with JavaScript

Learn advanced techniques for incorporating accessibility into your web development workflow. Using the latest tools, we can write a variety of tests for accessibility and prevent issues from making it to production.

Accessibility automation can typically catch up to 50% of issues and it’s improving by the day. Automation can free up some time to test for accessibility manually, which will also always be necessary. However, by writing reliable automated tests that assert things like keyboard operability, ARIA states, and other common accessibility requirements we can bake quality into our applications and potentially sleep better at night.

You might wonder, should I use Jest and Testing Library? Cypress? Cypress Component Testing? Puppeteer? Learn about the many automated tools at your disposal and their strengths and weaknesses to gain understanding of how to configure accessibility tests that serve your team’s needs.

This workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced web developers. Some experience with React and JavaScript testing will be helpful, but not required.

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