City Mapa-thon:: (San) Juan more time.

Everyone is welcome, and no previous experience is necessary to participate. Training and digital GeoBadges (credentials) badges will be awarded to participants.


Additional Information

What is it?

The aim of the mapa-thon is to create useful data sets, and at the same time, provide volunteers an opportunity to contribute and discover how they could become digital humanitarians by mapping their own communities, and collaborating with other mapping projects.

Newcomers and experienced mappers are welcome to join this mapa-thon. Kindly choose a ticket according to your mapping skill level. (We are asking for your skill level, so we would know how much help we need to ask from more experienced mappers.)


We'll be mapping throughout the afternoon, and following this schedule:

12:45: Registration & set-up
13:00: Introduction and practical information
13:15: Onboarding: iD Training and Validation How-to
14:00: Mapa-thon
15:00: Refreshments & Mapa-talk Blitz
15:20: Mapa-thon
16:40: All in a day's work | Closing

Mapa-talk Blitz - Sharpen your TEDx skills! (aka Lightning| Ignite|Pecha-Kucha talks)

During the break, anyone (3 presenters max.) may take the floor and present their projects and interests (hopefully, with Free/Open/Geo* elements) following the Pecha-Kucha format: (20 seconds) x 20 (slides).

You may forgo a slide deck altogether, if you wish but every presenter is given a maximum of (400 seconds ÷ N slides).

Email a copy of your deck (20 slides, max.) in advance.

Where will we be mapping?

Mapa-thon Novice mappers - We will be helping the San Juan City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office to validate / edit / update the emergency facilities of the city. Accurate maps of the city will assist emergency teams, in case of a disaster, as well as local administrators for resiliency and preparedness programs.

Mapa-thon for Advance mappers - We will be mapping other area of the country, to help fix overlapping or crossing buildings.

What do I need?

Enthusiasm, and an open mind. You are also expected to have an active email or Facebook account.

Newcomers Beginners, Intermediate mappers

Computers are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. If you plan to bring your own notebook, there are no extra software required other than a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari.) We strongly recommend a mouse.

Advanced mappers (and those keen to learn advance JOSM mapping techniques)

We expect you to bring your own laptops with JOSM already installed. JOSM is Free software and available for download.

Learners will be paired with any available advance mappers.