QGIS for Mining & Exploration: Introduction to QGIS (27-28 March)

In this two day QGIS workshop for Mining & Exploration professionals, we'll help you discover how you can use this powerful tool in your workflow.

The workshop

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll cover the key features of QGIS including:

  • importing, exporting and editing raster & vector geospatial data
  • data-driven visualisation and analysis
  • creating professional-looking maps
  • using QGIS plugins for geology-specific workflows such as producing sections
  • sources of free geoscience data, satellite imagery, and templates

Who should attend

Geologists, geoscientists, field staff, GIS professionals, exploration managers, database administrators and others.


Mammoth Geospatial is an official QGIS Certifying Organisation. Successful participants in our workshops will receive an official QGIS certificate, providing direct financial support to the QGIS project.

About QGIS

Mining & exploration companies worldwide are adopting QGIS because it's powerful, intuitive, and free.

This free and open source desktop GIS runs on all major operating systems, and is used worldwide by a user community of millions.

QGIS is professional grade and can do the majority of data import, data display, analysis and map production required by today’s geoscientists. A wide variety of free geological symbols and patterns are available for mapping, and a growing number of plugins are available to support your geoscience workflow.