MAINTAIN is a celebration of those who maintain different parts of our world, and how they do it, recognising the often hidden work done in repair, custodianship, stewardship, tending and caring for the things that matter.

It will be a full day of short talks and discussions with a diverse range of maintainers, custodians, community managers, repairers and stewards, and those who support them.


Additional Information

MAINTAIN is a community-run event created by volunteers, happening for the third time in 2022. If you'd like to sponsor the event, or can help in any way, do get in touch.

If you'd like to attend the event but are unable to afford to, please send us an email explaining why you'd like to attend. We will have some tickets set aside for those who need them most, and/or who can help with the event (for instance by taking notes in some sessions, or transcribing recordings).