Street Photography Workshop

Come learn the basics of street photography, led by Michael Damanti, a professional freelance street photographer from the United States now living in Madrid.

Michael has won the International Society of Photographers Gold Medal Award in 2008 for his social photographs of NYC's homeless population. In 2011 he covered the Occupy Wall Street movement in lower Manhattan and in late 2014 he moved to Spain and now shoots for Getty Images.

Damanti was an outsider in the country, trying to learn the language and find work. A chance encounter soon changed that, forming the beginnings of a long-term photographic series about Romani population in Europe.

Walking home one day from another disappointing day of cliche photos, he recalls a Roma Girl sleeping on the ground holding an old change cup. Her name was Sibella. He knelt down to take her photograph and as he stood up he noticed another girl walking right towards him saying, "What are you doing? That is my sister!" That was the day he met the "Cobadin-Girls of Sol".

Over the next four years he met with them every day, carefully documenting their story and gradually becoming absorbed into their lives. He was been with them through births, deaths, arrests, fights and the day to day struggles we all endure.

Michael invites you to have a look into their fascinating lives and their tremendous story.


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