Paint & Wine Workshop: "Cossack Mamay" by Ukrainian artist Alla Horska


Ukrainian artist Alla Horska (1929-1970) created incredible mosaics and paintings while actively fighting the Soviet authorities. She has been referred to as the “Soul of the Sixtiers” - the “Sixtiers” were part of a dissident movement in Ukraine in the 1960s that asserted for their freedom for artistic creativity and identity, and also promoted the development of the Ukrainian language and culture - laying down the foundations for the Ukrainians to establish their own country. Alla Horska was murdered in 1970 while under surveillance by the KGB. Her funeral turned into a civil resistance campaign.

In this special workshop to commemorate Women’s Day and celebrate Ukrainian creativity and culture, we will be painting Alla Horska's masterpiece of Ukrainian folkloric hero "Cossack Mamay." Cossak Mamay is usually depicted with a a kobza – a lute-like musical instrument that is the symbol of Ukrainian soul, embodying the freedom and immortality of the Ukrainian people.

Experience includes all art supplies provided to you at the studio (including canvas, brushes and paints), step-by-step guidance, and a selection of wine and snacks. No painting experience is necessary!

The event will start at 17:30 and will last for 3 hours.


Additional Information

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