Office Concerts

Join Madrid For Refugees for an exclusive and intimate concert series featuring local artists on Thursdays, 15 and 22 July!

By joining these concerts, you will support Madrid For Refugees to help and empower those in the local community who are: individuals who find themselves in the status of being a refugee, asylum seekers, stateless, and migrants in need of international protection and/or at risk of social exclusion. MFR focuses on improving social integration and employability.

Huge thanks to the artists who are generously donating their performances.

Thursday July 15th Lineup | Doors open 19:15

19:30 - 20:15 | Brush

Through an attractive, fresh and diverse sound, Brush manages to make you break out of the monotony, seduce you with its rhythms and thrill you with its harmonies. Imagine for a moment the color palette of a painter, each of those colors represents a musical genre that are mixed on the canvas in the same musical style, giving shape to Brush.

A través de un sonido atractivo, fresco y diverso, Brush logra hacerte salir de la monotonía, seducirte con sus ritmos y emocionarte con sus armonías. Imagínate por un momento la paleta de colores de un pintor, cada uno de esos colores representa un género musical que se mezclan sobre el lienzo en un mismo estilo musical dando forma a Brush.

Learn more about Brush | Listen to Brush | Watch their music videos

20:15 - 21:00 | Sad Eggplants

Formed by Beatriz Silva and Diego Portugal, they met in music school and started playing shows in 2018 both as a duo as with a full band. The pair's musical influences span from jazz to pop and everything in between.

Formado por Beatriz Silva y Diego Portugal, se conocieron en una escuela de música en Madrid. Empezaron a hacer conciertos en 2018 como dúo y con banda. Sus influencias musicales abarcan desde el jazz hasta el pop.

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Thursday July 22nd lineup | Doors open 19:15

19:30 - 20:15 | Diana Ciliberti

Cantante, compositora y música. Ella ha aprovechado cada experiencia de su vida como mujer y cada emoción para convertirlas en las letras de sus canciones. Además, ayuda a otras mujeres realizando talleres para empoderarse a través de la expresión artítica y de la fuerza de su voz.

Singer, songwriter and musician. She has taken every opportunity in her life as a woman and every emotion to turn them into lyrics for her songs. In addition, she helps other women by holding workshops to empower themselves through artistic expression and the strength of their voices.

Learn more about Diana**| **Watch music videos

20:15 - 21:00 | Expreso Tacvba

A trio made up of Raúl Pérez Cordero, Santiago Vokram (Ataca Paca) and José Ramón Arredondo (Ataca Paca); a set made up of strings, guitar and voice. The show will be made up of mythical songs such as Eres, El puñal y el corazón or Hopefully it rains coffee and other Latin American songs. Santiago and José Ramon usually play together in the famous Madrid street group - Ataca Paca.

Un trío compuesto por Raúl Pérez Cordero, Santiago Vokram (Ataca Paca)  y José Ramón Arredondo (Ataca Paca) ; un conjunto integrado por cuerdas, guitarra y voz. La muestra se hará de míticos temas como Eres, El puñal y el corazón u Ojalá que llueva café y otras canciones latinoamericanas. Santiago y José Ramon normalmente tocan juntos en el famoso grupo callejero madrileño - Ataca Paca.

Listen to Ataca Paca | Watch their music videos

* Drinks (beer, wine, soda) will be on sale during the concerts for a 2 euros donation each so bring change!


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