Book Launch & Exhibition - In Plain Sight: The Story of Madrid's Romani Community


Michael Damanti is a professional freelance street photographer from the United States now living in Madrid. Shocked by the level of racism against the Romani community in Spain, he has made it his mission to show that they are not criminals but individuals with names, stories and families. Between 2015 and 2020, he produced a remarkable set of photographs of a group of people who were at best, invisible to society and, at worst, the frequent targets of mistreatment. He met with them consistently, carefully documenting their story and gradually becoming absorbed into their lives. Together, they have been through births, deaths, arrests, fights and the day-to-day struggles we all endure. He had expected to document the people in Sol, but he did not expect to like them so much or to be welcomed into their family.

He has now published a book with his photographs and stories, and we will be hosting a book launch with an exhibition of his photography and a short Q&A by the author.

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