LumaFusion for Mobile Journalists

The purpose of this course is to empower reporters and journalists, who traditionally rely on camera crews and video editors to create edited content for broadcast and online, to transition to a mobile content creation ecosystem.

This course spans eight consecutive weekdays. Each session is two and a half hours long and features live hands on instruction with Glen Mulcahy, co-founder and managing director of Mojofest Ltd and the owner of Titanium-Media. Glen has trained more than 5,000 journalists throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East across television, radio, print and online.

In this course, Glen will show you how to use LumaFusion for journalistic storytelling. Through lectures, hands-on activity, Q&A, and peer reviews we'll cover the following topics:

  • How to use LumaFusion in a news, feature and news documentary workflows
  • Recaping essentials of editing in LumaFusion
  • Options for working across platforms iOS-MacOSX
  • How to use the Final Cut Pro XML workflow
  • Benefits of pro camera apps like FiLMiC Pro
  • Ingest workflows and media management best practices
  • Learning about frame rates for broadcast in the NTSC/PAL territories
  • Understanding Aspect Ratios for Broadcast/Online/Social*
  • Learning about bit rates and compression
  • Cutting sequences, B-Roll, cutaways
  • Editing interviews
  • Creating titles and graphics
  • Using resizing and keyframing tools
  • Making use of color correction
  • Importing external voiceover versus audio punch-in within LumaFusion
  • Exporting workflows and compressions/format settings

This course is for entry level to intermediate video editors. After this course you will have a comprehensive understanding of the non-linear editing process on a tactile device.

This course aims to teach you how to edit footage shot with a phone to a level of proficiency which includes multi track editing, audio recording and mixing, graphic overlays and key-framing for journalistic storytelling.

Required resources needed for classes

  • Copy of LumaFusion
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Access to FiLMiC Pro or another pro camera
  • Zoom Account


Monday, 5/10

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Tuesday, 5/11

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Wednesday, 5/12

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Thursday, 5/13

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Friday, 5/14

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Monday, 5/17

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Tuesday, 5/18

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT

Wednesday, 5/19

10:00 AM PT - 12:00 PM PT


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