Edinburgh Junior Online Congress 2020


This tournament is open to all players of school age who live in Scotland


Look up your Chess Scotland published grade and pnum here

Entries close Friday 9th October 11pm

  • Primary U300 For primary school aged players with a Chess Scotland main and allegro grade of less than 300, or who do not have a grade

  • Primary U600 For primary school aged players with a Chess Scotland published main and allegro grade of less than 600

  • Primary Open For any primary school aged player living in Scotland

  • Secondary U600 For secondary school aged players with a Chess Scotland published main and allegro grade of less than 600 or who do not have a grade

  • Open For any player of school age living in Scotland

Sections may be merged or split depending on the number of entries.

Where a player has competed in a number of Chess Scotland graded tournaments already this season, their Chess Scotland live grade may be significantly higher than their published grade. In this case, we will move them up to a higher section.

Time Control

15 minutes plus a 5 second increment for all sections

Round times

  • Round 1: 10:00 am
  • Round 2: 11:00 am
  • Round 3: 12:00 pm
  • Round 4: 1:30 pm
  • Round 5: 2:30 pm
  • Round 6: 3.30 pm

Rounds start times may be delayed if games from the previous round have not concluded

 Host server: lichess

Players must have an account on lichess.org (a completely free to use chess website) and let us know their user name on the entry details. This must be their own account, not shared with anyone else. Please get in touch if you need help with setting this up.

Prior to the tournament they will need to join our team and the tournament. We will contact you with details of how to do this.

Games will be paired by lichess using the users lichess rapid rating.

The default lichess algorithm will be used for tiebreaks.

 Grading and Rating

All games will be Chess Scotland Allegro graded and lichess rated

Be Nice. Play Fair

Players must be respectful to each other at all times when using the chat etc.

Players must not receive assistance from another person or from a computer chess program, books etc during play.

Lichess has powerful anti-cheating measures in place and in addition games will be analysed using the FIDE anti-cheating software.

If a player's account is suspended by lichess they will not be able to play, or continue, in the tournament. If lichess imposes a temporary sanction (eg for misusing the chat) they may miss one or more rounds. LJC have no control over this. All appeals must be made to lichess.

A full Fair Play policy will be distributed prior to the tournament.


Discounts are available for - players who receive free school meal on income grounds (code FSM) - players who are paid Chess Scotland members should tick the box on the entry details form. When their membership has been verified they will receive a £1 refund.


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