LondonR - An evening with Hadley Wickham

We are delighted to announce a special LondonR meeting on 19 August at UCL, “An Evening with Hadley Wickham.”

Whilst we are sure he needs little introduction, Hadley is the Chief Scientist at RStudio, Inc. and serves as Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Rice University. His work includes R packages for data analysis (ggplot2, plyr, reshape2); packages that make R less frustrating (lubridate for dates, stringr for strings, httr for accessing web APIs); and that make it easier to do good software development in R (roxygen2, testthat, devtools, lineprof, staticdocs). He is also a writer, educator, and frequent contributor to conferences promoting more accessible and more effective data analysis.

6pm - registration opens
6.30pm – Presentation by Hadley Wickham
7.150pm – 7.30pm - Questions
8pm - Close

We are expecting this to be a very popular event, and places are limited so please only register if you can make it.
The meeting is free to attend and there will be free drinks.

We hope you are looking forward to what is sure to be a great LondonR!

please find directions to venue here. Enter 'Darwin LT' to see info


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