Levels 2018

Levels is the first conference in Australia crafted for building technical careers, from the very beginning.


Additional Information

This July will see Australia’s first technical conference for Junior Developers come to life here in Melbourne!

Our goal is to bring together the Developer community of Australia. We aim to give people a platform to share, grow and connect, regardless of experience level. We will provide opportunities for local speakers to share a stage with international names, and give our attendees access to experiences outside of the norm.

Levels brings together our future leaders in a fun and engaging environment where they can network with their peers and industry participants. We celebrate the Juniors Developers of software today! We value their place in the community and support, encourage and grow with them.

Diversity, inclusion and accessibility, are first class citizens for Levels. Our mission is to create a low-cost conference that Junior Developers can afford to attend and to host on a Saturday so that it is accessible, independent of their work schedule. You more about what we're doing on our Accessibility Pledge.

Who’s it for?

Well, we’re usually pretty opinionated (#YES, Tabs, etc) but for this event, we are loosening up and letting ya’ll decide. Let's be clear though, this is for Junior Developers, lols, but certainly not limited to or exclusively for. It's #JuniorsFirst. The vibe is the JuniorDev vibe you know (and love, right?!), the hosts, are the JuniorDev hosts you know (and love, RIGHT?!) and the quality, knowledge, and collaboration, will be the JuniorDev style that you know and definitely, love.


Seriously, thank you. This is the biggest thing we are undertaking in 2018 and are super excited to deliver a high quality, valuable, and fun, event for you.



Xero are our first major sponsor for Levels, giving us the much-needed support to get Levels off the ground!

REA Group are our second major sponsor for Levels, giving us the ability to bring in an international speaker and take Levels to the next level!


Twilio are a bringing us that black gold, and chai, hot chocolate and teas too!

Coder Academy are our Terabyte education partner, the only accredited boot camp to learn to code, in Australia.

Launch Vic are supporting Levels and helping to pay respects to the traditional owners on the land in which we will gather. They are Victoria's startup hub, fuelling tech through workshops, support, and being awesome.

CarSales.com.au is the best place to shop for anything on wheels, or that goes on water, and are committed to the development of Junior Devs in tech.

Seek Where to find those Junior Dev jobs? Seek of course, supporting the local community and Levels!

Zendesk So much more than help centre software, Zendesk is the hub for the Melbourne community, supporting Junior Devs through their sponsorship and their mentorship.

Envato is a marketplace, a learning hub, a great resource for Junior Devs. The Melbourne founder company gives back, supporting Levels and through their internal Junior Dev Apprentice Program.

Readify is the forward-thinking company that solves problems with smart people, and their sponsorship has certainly helped with solutions for Levels!


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The University of Melbourne is our gracious host for Levels 2018 PinPayments are lending a hand with payment processing.


Tickets are nonrefundable - Tickets may be transferred into our Opportunity Program Pool. Tickets purchased prior to 4th June are eligible for refunds. Email hello@levelsconf.com.