Computer Science Principles Training - Summer 2023

Come learn how to teach AP Computer Science Principles using a curriculum that has been developed in Canada and successfully used in classrooms across the country. Our resources are built on years of experience teaching computer science and helping teachers to be successful in their own classroom. Our workshops are practical, engaging and fun!

Computing Science Principles (CSP) is a modern and exciting curriculum that provides 21st century skills, boasts broad interest to a diverse group of students, and flexibility in pedagogical approaches. CSP can be taught in a variety of classroom learning environment and does not require a specific programming language, but allows the teacher, or student, to choose. While flexibility can be exciting and empowering, it can also be overwhelming when deciding how CSP fits at your school and in your classroom.

Our approach supports varied technology and programming comfort levels. Our workshop is lead by experienced computer science and CSP educators who will guide you through the curriculum and approaches to teaching it. You will learn the motivations behind CSP, its practical applications, and build your confidence in teaching computing science with this future-focused curriculum. You will learn from educators who have taught this curriculum to ensure you get your questions answered.

The cost of the training for Canadian teachers is covered by a CanCode grant from the Canadian Government.


Additional Information

Why AP CS Principles? Each Canadian province has its own Program of Studies for teaching Computer Science. The new Advanced Placement CS Principles curriculum was chosen because of its broad scope. It will serve as a guide that can be customized to each provinces unique requirements. More importantly, the CS Principles is ingrained with the philosophy that Computer Science is a CREATIVE medium and can therefore inspire both students and teachers.

For additional information on Computing Science Principles (CSP), and the endorsed providers,, please explore the following website: