Jamstack Fast Track for Web Development Teams

To stay competitive, companies need to ship better web experiences faster than ever.

The web is constantly evolving, and customers are demanding more and more from the web-based products they use. Companies need to be able to respond quickly to feedback, to deliver products and features faster than ever — while simultaneously creating higher quality experiences.

In this workshop, Jason Lengstorf will teach you how the software architecture known as the Jamstack can put your team on the fast track to creating incredible web experiences in record time. This practical, hands-on workshop will help teams and individual developers alike hit the ground running with the Jamstack.

This workshop will cover the technical foundations of the Jamstack, starting with the basics and ramping up to advanced concepts like user dashboards protected with authentication, building dynamic experiences using client-side and serverless technology, reading from and writing to databases, and more.

In addition to the technical details, this workshop will show you how the Jamstack can improve organizations at every level:

  • for companies: reduce operational costs and decrease time to market
  • for teams: gain more autonomy and decrease complexity
  • for individual developers: use modern workflows and rapidly prototype new ideas
  • for customers: use more performant apps with a polished experience

This workshop combines Jason’s experience working on massive, enterprise products at IBM, helping maintain Gatsby, one of the most popular Jamstack frameworks, and working to push the boundaries of the Jamstack at Netlify. The material will help teams of any size, whether you’re working on an enterprise product with hundreds of teammates or bootstrapping a new product in your spare time.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • understand the central architectural advantages of the Jamstack
  • build and deploy several Jamstack apps
  • have a foundational understanding of how dynamic content works on the Jamstack
  • combine third-party services and APIs into Jamstack sites to create more powerful experiences with low overhead
  • use serverless functions to get the power of a backend without the complexity

In order to get the most out of this workshop, you need:

  • able to create a web page with HTML — we’re going to be building several pages, so get ready to write some markup!
  • able to work with and modify existing JavaScript — we won’t dive into how some of the underlying JavaScript built-ins work that we’ll use in this workshop
  • it’s not required, but we will use some React in this workshop


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