20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit

The challenge of developing and maintaining advanced digital skills amongst the workforce in an era characterised by rapid technological advancement is essential for Europe to preserve its competitive edge and translate its research excellence into commercial success. Currently, Europe faces a severe shortage of ICT professionals in specific areas of expertise like cloud computing, IoT, data, AI, quantum computing and cybersecurity. The Digital Decade policy initiative has set a target of 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030: "20m ICT specialists X 2030"


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In an era of rapid technological evolution, Europe’s competitive edge hinges on its ability to develop and maintain advanced digital skills. Facing a critical shortage of ICT professionals, the “20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit” emerges as a pivotal gathering to propel Europe towards its ambitious goal of adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030, underpinning the Digital Decade policy initiative.

This free one-day event in Madrid unites thought leaders from business, academia, and policy-making to chart Europe’s journey in advanced digital skills. Featuring roundtables, keynote speeches, workshops, and showcases of best practices, the summit is a crucible for innovative solutions and strategic collaborations aimed at redefining Europe’s digital skills landscape.

Agenda available here: https://20x30.advancedskills.eu/#venue

Event host: LEADS www.advancedskills.eu

For any questions about the event, please contact events@advancedskills.eu

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