Lab Lunch 5/19 with Laurie Skelly of Metis

This week we welcome Laurie Skelly, a Senior Data Scientist at Metis. She is a co-designer of the Metis curriculum and enjoys building analytical tools for a wide range of clients and helping them use data to solve their business problems. Prior to her switch to data science, she studied social neuroscience at the University of Chicago, building machine learning models of imaging data to explain how the brains of incarcerated psychopaths perceive and process emotions.

RSVP (Northwestern University community only)

  • Lunch runs from 11:30 am - 1 pm. It's casual, so it's ok to leave early or come late, although it's nice to have everyone together for introductions at the beginning.

    This event is free to members of the Northwestern community. Your accurate RSVP helps us plan.

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