How To Manage Heterogeneous Groups While Minimizing Harm

As we commit to doing the challenging, uncomfortable, and complex work of improving inclusion and diversity in our organizations, communities, and events, we should expect and plan for the inevitable conflicts that will arise as affinity groups, which often segregate themselves for various safety reasons, find themselves in shared spaces with others.

Attending this workshop will aid you and your teams with having the long-term, meaningful impact that we all desire. And yet, we need to remember that intention without strategy equals chaos and potential harm.

Learning Objectives:

  • We all make mistakes, how to minimize harm when you fuck up
  • The importance of centering safety
  • Strategies for prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable

Date: June 4, 2019

Time: 19:00 - 22:00

Venue: Mozilla Berlin Community Space

Schlesische Straße 27 GSG-Hof Building 3, 3rd floor 10997 Berlin

Space Is Limited

This workshop will be facilitated by Kim Crayton. She is a leader in coaching tech-focused companies and non-profits for inclusion, operationalizing core organizational values and identifying hidden organizational barriers to inclusion. She has spoken at over 50 conferences on these issues, and has worked closely with members and leadership in the Clojure, Node.js, Python, JavaScript and Selenium communities, as well as at organizations like GitHub and Mozilla. Recent engagements have included MailChimp, Sinnerschrader, Ableton, Selenium Open Source Project, Unplug Studios, and


Additional Information

If the door to the 3rd floor is closed, please enter through the reception area on the 4th floor.