#causeascene Conference - Chicago

Why do underrepresented & marginalized groups continue to exist in the face of unbelievable hardship? We are resilient. We adapt. We create solutions to our own problems. My solution to the lack of inclusion in tech is to organize my own conference, my own way.

#causeascene Conf is an event without borders, which is designed to be safe space for members of underrepresented and marginalized communities in tech to tell their stories. To share what they’re working on, what they’ve experienced, their tech enabled hopes and dreams. This is an opportunity for these, often sidelined and silenced, individuals to use the platform to amplify their voices, uncensored, in a very authentic manner.


May 19th 5:30-10:00pm CST

Tapster Robotics, Inc.

224 Harrison St.

Oak Park, Illinois 60304


Byron Woodfork (@byronwoodfork): Mid-Career Survival Tips for POC Developers

Kim Crayton (@KimCrayton1): Inclusion Q&A

Mark Thompson (@marktechson): Building An App In 30 Days...And Launching

Shareef Jackson (@ShareefJackson): Teaching How Video Games Reflect Society

Stephanie Slattery (@sublimemarch): Thanks But No Thanks: My Life with Disordered Eating in Tech

Tanya Killmonger (@cypheroftyr): Google Exists, Stop Asking Us To Find POC, Queer, Disabled, and Other Folks For You

Theresa Stewart (@atheresastewart): Designed to Traumatize


5:30-6:00pm Registration

6:00-6:15pm Welcome/CoC

6:20-6:40pm Stephanie Slattery

6:45-7:05pm Byron Woodfork

7:10-7:30pm Theresa Stewart

7:30-7:45pm Break

7:45-8:05pm Mark Thompson

8:10-8:30pm Tanya DePass

8:35-8:55pm Shareef Jackson

8:55-9:05pm Break

9:05-9:35pm Inclusion Q&A (Kim Crayton)

9:35-10:00pm Wrap UP

If amplifying the voices of those who are often silenced in tech is important to you, then put your money where your commitment is and become a sponsor. Please email me at conf@hashtagcauseascene.com