Being an Antiracist at Work

Hey White Folx...this is your chance to learn the basics of being an Antiracist, while minimizing the potential for harm your whiteness has on others, as you learn.

Join Kim Crayton on October 31st, for an event designed SPECIFICALLY for white folx who are struggling with where and how to start their antiracist journey.

Event pre-work

This work requires an understanding of how we got here.

Please read White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide Amazon

Recommended prerequisite

Introduction to Being an Antiracist (3 hour livestream recording) | Purchase for $30

Being an Antiracist at Home (August 29th 2020) | Purchase for $30

Event times

8am to 11am — San Francisco, USA

11am to 2pm — New York, USA

3pm to 6pm — London, UK

4pm to 7pm — Berlin, Germany

11pm to 2am — Hong Kong

2am to 5am — Sydney, Australia

Note: all registered attendees will gain access to the recording after the event.


Additional Information

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