HR Leaders Summit Canada

Amid a year of various societal and organizational challenges, HR leaders have been tasked with ensuring a smooth transition to a new way of work. Some of the changes are here to stay, which is why it’s time to upskill and refresh the knowledge base of HR professionals and move forward as innovators.

There’s no denying that the nature of the workplace has shifted. That’s why we’ve designed this year’s summit to ensure that the sector is ready for what lies ahead. HRD has worked together with industry leaders to prepare a forward-thinking event that will explore current and future trends in the workforce and put attendees at a strategic advantage for years to come. The summit will cover all the biggest challenges HR professionals face today, such as hybridized workspaces, the ups and downs of online learning, and promoting employee engagement post-pandemic.

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IMPORTANT: HR consultants/service providers need to purchase a vendor pass or else will be refunded ticket fees minus a 15% admin charge.


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