Heroku Performance Workshop @ RailsConf 2013

Heroku and Jumpstart Lab present an evening focused on Rails performance. We'll start with three short workshop sessions:

  1. Understanding Heroku's architecture and what it means for your application
  2. Optimizing database usage to reduce N+1 queries and lookup times
  3. Why and how to use Rails' new fragment caching tools ("Russian-Doll Caching")

After the workshops we'll have a contest to improve the performance of an existing Rails application, allowing you to put the techniques into action and see real results.

NOTE: Yes, bring your laptop and power adapter!


Additional Information

  • 6:30pm -- Doors Open + Food
  • 7:00pm -- Opening
  • 7:10pm -- Understanding Heroku
  • 7:45pm -- Optimizing Database Usage
  • 8:35pm -- Smart Content Caching
  • 9:25pm -- Performance Contest Plan & Parameters
  • 9:30pm -- Performance Contest Begins
  • 11:05pm -- Results & Awards
  • 11:30pm -- Everyone out!