Making Microsolidarity in Maastricht

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?Joshua here! Since February 2020 a growing amount of friends and I have been weaving ourselves to support each other more intimately and frequently in doing emotionally and financially fulfilling work. This is a moment for us to open the curtains and show what's happening – out loud!

Nati Lombardo, Richard D. Bartlett, my partner Beatriz Fonseca, and a few folks from our new community will be present to delve briefly into various lenses of our philosophies and practices (including Microsolidarity). We'll give most attention to hosting YOU in a participatory experience of what we've been doing.

This will be a participatory presentation to dig into the process and practices of creating a new mutual aid community – beginning in Maastricht, Netherlands.

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  • Money is lovely, but we're much more interested in meeting YOU. Pay what feels comfortable, even if it's €0! :)
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