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Who is a bonus hunter and how to deal with them? Translated from English, bonus hunter means “bonus hunter”. Hundreds and thousands of such specialists in their field daily monitor the sites of new and old casinos. With one simple goal - to make money while spending as little as possible.

How did the bonus hunting phenomenon come about?

Online casinos began to issue various bonuses to attract customers a long time ago. The calculation is simple. If a person plays at first not for his own money, then there is a high probability that he will get involved and continue to play further. And he will start replenishing the account on his own.The conditions for receiving bonuses were often simple. It was often possible to meet situations when a casino issued free bets with “real” money. Which could be withdrawn after an elementary action. For example, a small bet that was only a fraction of the bonus amount.It is not surprising that a large number of freeloaders appeared, who began to register with only one goal - to cash out the gifts they received as soon as possible.The response of the gambling business was the complication of the bonus system. Today, in order to receive a free bet at any casino, a number of conditions must be met. From making a certain deposit from personal funds to placing bets with the necessary odds in a certain sequence.At the same time, bonus hunters have not disappeared anywhere. Despite the fact that their activities have become much more complicated. They just began to spend more time and energy.

How do bonus hunters earn?

The easiest and most straightforward way is to search for new casinos and betting sites. Aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of iGaming do not yet have enough experience and make gross mistakes. By giving out no deposit bonuses. In this case, their logic can also be understood - there is strong competition in the market, it is too expensive to fight with large companies using their own methods.If an experienced hunter finds such a victim, then he acts in detail. First, it registers dozens and hundreds of accounts at once. Determining the fact that they were all registered by one person is very difficult. Hunter uses special software, registers all accounts with real (someone else's) documents, with different email addresses and SIM cards, with different IP addresses. Of course, the process is stretched out in time, so fake accounts are naturally diluted at the expense of real users.How to fulfill the conditions of the betting bookmaker and not lose the bonus amount? For example, upon registration, a user is given a $ 100 bonus and a requirement to place bets for a total of $ 500. If there are no restrictions on the odds, then the hunter will simply bet on events with a high probability. Yes, he won’t win almost anything on them. But the goal is not to lose the existing bonus or to lose it only partially. Scrolled the entire amount 5-6 times and the main condition is met.The withdrawal of money is also not made at a time. Accounts are active at different times, place different bets on different amounts. After the free bet conditions are fulfilled, money is not withdrawn from the account immediately, but after a while.Anti-fraud systems for serious companies take into account not only such simple fingerprints as email, phone number, operating system and browser versions, but also the configuration of the device from which the registration was made. So it is impossible to register multiple accounts from one computer. And even if you use virtual servers, it will be too expensive to register hundreds of accounts.One relatively simple solution is for bonus hunters to ask real people to register accounts. For a modest reward of a few dollars, you can always find thousands of people willing to spend a few minutes of their time. At the same time, the schemes of cheating the casino are not disclosed. A more difficult way to make money is to find vulnerabilities in marketing campaigns that casinos come up with with the aim of fighting freeloaders. And here everything is not so simple.

Who else makes money on bonus hunting?

The Internet is full of fascinating stories, many written on behalf of the bonus hunters themselves. In them (supposedly) real people tell how they earn from 3 to 10 thousand dollars a month in this lesson. They describe complex schemes: how exactly to find vulnerable casinos, how to register accounts, place bets with the greatest benefit, and how to withdraw money. They even provide links to casinos that are guaranteed to do this kind of trick. Share links to software and so on.But all these links turn out to be affiliate links. There are practically no exceptions. In such a simple way, sites, instagram bloggers and telegram channels simply make money on the faith of many citizens in the sacred freebie. Tell a fascinating story about how you can cheat a casino and watch the number of registrations in the affiliate program. Until these people figure out that everything is not so simple, they will have time to spend their hard-earned money and bring profit to everyone: the site with stories, the affiliate program, the casino itself.Let's assume that real bonus hunters still exist. And large casinos really have to take into account the existence of such crooks. But they will never reveal their working schemes.


The phenomenon of bonus hunters is primarily beneficial for the casinos themselves, affiliate programs and various moneymakers: webmasters and owners of popular blogs. This is just another good marketing trick.At the same time, casino and bookmaker owners should beware of freeloaders. The conditions for obtaining a free bet must be such that they can be fulfilled only with the benefit of the company. At the same time, these conditions should not be too difficult, as this will scare off not only freeloaders, but also normal users.

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