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Tips for support managers and specialists

Tips for support managers and specialists

In any business it is very important to have good feedback and qualified employees to support customers. The IT sphere is no exception. After all, if you do not help the client in time, he will not have the best opinion of the company. Besides, who better to get your wishes and suggestions about the product development than customers.

More communication channels

Stop relying on only one channel of communication with customers. Provide as many ways of communication as possible and don't limit yourself to just one. Let the client himself choose the most convenient way for him to communicate with you. Make use of all communication channels you can control at once:

  • email
  • telephone
  • social networks
  • online chats
  • messengers
  • feedback form
  • internal ticket system
  • Don't keep your customers waiting

No one likes to wait. I don't think you do either. Especially not a paying customer. Make sure your communication channels are prepared and working. A good practice is to automatically send the customer a message with useful information when they contact you via a form or ticket system. In such a message, it's important to include a deadline for responding to the customer's request, links to the knowledge base or FAQ, and other possible channels of communication.

Don't be silent

Do not ignore the customer and try to resolve his/her issue as quickly as possible. Don't remain silent even if the issue is being resolved, but let the customer know about the situation. If it takes some time to resolve the issue, let the customer know.

Avoid public negativity

Don't upset customers and don't create situations where your carelessness can lead to public negativity towards your company and product. Losing a good reputation is much easier than gaining one. Therefore, be careful.

Help the customer find a solution on their own

Give the customer enough information so that they can find the solution on their own. Keeping a knowledge base with publications on using your product, visual video tutorials, FAQs with frequently asked questions and answers, or a forum for solving and discussing multiple questions will be helpful. All of this will help the customer solve their own questions and save time.

Use assistive programs

You can find a lot of simple and convenient programs that will help you to avoid the routine tasks of customer support. For example, it can be programs for processing requests - ticket systems. Or systems for receiving notifications from different communication channels.

The quality of support employees

Support professionals are the representatives and the face of the company, because it is with them the client begins his communication. Hire experienced experts or develop your own.

Train your support staff

Carefully select and properly train your customer support staff. Provide regular training even if everything is great.

Newcomers to tech support

Don't let newbies work right away. Assign a department manager or one of the senior professionals to help newcomers understand and get on the right track. Constantly increase the volume of tasks for independent decision and development of the new employee.

Support Responsibility

Gradually increase the level of responsibility of the staff, trust and allow to make decisions that are within the competence of the employee and do not require approval.

Reward the tech support

Reward employees for good work both financially and non-financially. Praise them publicly and give them a chance for career advancement.

Evaluate the achievements of the techsupport team

Keep statistics on the success of your tech support team. Apply successful methods next time and avoid repeating previous mistakes.

Customer service courtesy

The support staff should remain polite and patient with the customer no matter what the situation, even if the customer is very angry. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and it will help to understand the whole situation from the other side.

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