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4 ideal states to invest in real estate with the main industrial parks in Mexico

4 ideal states to invest in real estate with the main industrial parks in MexicoGet to know the best states with industrial parks in Mexico and buy a house to grow your wealth.The industrial zones of Mexico emerge as a public policy of the government to generate more jobs, from the attraction of manufacturing companies of foreign origin. Since then, industrial parks have evolved into world-class real estate developments.Likewise, industrial parks in Mexico are a fundamental part of the strategic infrastructure to attract more foreign direct investment. Due to this, 516 industrial parks have been built in Mexico occupying 51,768 hectares, according to figures from CREA Market Studies for the end of 2018.Industrial parks bring many benefits such as easy connectivity, attracting new talent in the industrial, technological and administrative sectors, as well as social and economic stability thanks to the network of Free Trade Agreements with 43 countries.For this reason, some of the best options for investing in real estate are found in the states with the main industrial parks in Mexico.What are the best states with industrial parks in Mexico to invest in real estate?

  • New Lion
  • Mexico state
  • Queretaro
  • San Luis Potosi

New LionNuevo León is the second most important market in the construction of industrial buildings, located mainly in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey . The state has 70 industrial parks in operation and 10 more under construction, according to information from CREA in 2018.Sky Marketing is a leading marketing company working on many real estate projects like smart city Lahore, park view city Islamabad and development housing societies in Pakistan.In addition, 6.5% of Foreign Direct Investment entered into Mexico was registered, which generated 1,171 million dollars. While the state's manufacturing export registered 21,000 million dollars, according to figures from the Secretary of Economy and Labor of Nuevo León in 2019.If you are looking to move to a place with economic growth, do it in Nuevo León, you will find employment in industrial parks specialized in the automotive, manufacturing, logistics or distribution sectors.Living in the state of Nuevo León is to ensure an economic future for your family since it is one of the best states to invest in real estate in Mexico and, in addition, it maintains an excellent quality of life.Buying a house in Nuevo León has a cost of $ 651,000.00 MXN up to $ 44,500,000.00 USD in high value areas such as San Pedro Garza García. While* renting a property, prices range from $ 2,000.00 MXN to $ 20,000.00 MXN in residential properties.Mexico stateIn the State of Mexico there are 135 industrial developments, which include parks, corridors, zones and logistics developments, according to figures from the Ministry of Economic Development (Sedeco).In these operate more than 1,900 companies dedicated to the production of auto parts, transportation equipment, various components, food and beverages.Due to the above, the State of Mexico has become the second most important economy in the country, contributing more than 8.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) in 2019.The industrial parks are divided into the automotive, commercial and chemical sectors. These generate an average of between 50 thousand and one million jobs, according to data from the Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Mexico. Start buying a house in the State of Mexico has a cost of $ 900,000.00 MXN to $ 7,000,000.00 MXN. While renting a house the prices vary from $ 6,500.00 MXN to $ 50,000.00 MXN.QueretaroSince 2011, Querétaro has been a trend for national and foreign companies looking to invest in real estate. There are currently 45 industrial parks that are home to more than 1600 companies that generate 40% of the state's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).The main industrial parks found in Querétaro have a strategic geographical position and infrastructure (roads, railways, research centers and universities), which has generated the arrival and installation of large companies from the industrial, commercial and service sectors. .If you have just graduated from a degree or automotive, metallurgical or chemical engineering, it is the best time to move to Querétaro and save to invest in real estate.You can buy a house from $ 390,000.00 MXN to $ 15,000,000.00 USD in areas of high capital gain. While renting a house in Querétaro has a cost of $ 12,000.00 MXN to $ 80,000.00 MXN.San Luis PotosiThe state of San Luis Potosí has 19 main industrial parks in Mexico and currently 5 new developments are being built in the Metropolitan Area, among these are automotive companies such as BMW and General Motors. In addition, San Luis Potosí is home to *Logistik de Artha Capital, which with 3,000 hectares is the largest industrial park in Mexico.If you were offered a position in the automotive sector, consider renting or buying a home in the best areas to live in San Luis Potosí . You will be close to the metropolitan area and will have excellent connectivity with the main roads.Due to the installation of industrial parks in San Luis Potosí, the construction of hotels, restaurants and other services that allow urbanization is planned.For this reason, buying a house in San Luis Potosí has an average cost of $ 600,000.00 MXN to $ 40,000,000.00 MXN in residential areas. If you are interested in renting a house you will find prices from $ 3,000.00 MXN to $ 22,000.00 MXN. Industrial parks in Mexico is a trend that will continue to grow thanks to foreign investment. Therefore, the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPI) promotes the implementation of infrastructure, security and sustainability in developments under the implementation of rules and regulations.Working and investing in real estate in industrial areas of Mexico will not only benefit you financially but will also improve the quality of life for your family. Do you already know where you are going to move? Start your search at Vivanuncios, the best real estate portal in Mexico.


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