itonic Masterclass: Mindful Product Leadership with Geoff Watts

Leading the development of a new product is a challenge on many fronts. You already know you have to manage customers, users, developers, backlogs, roadmaps and such like. But there is one more factor that needs even more important management - you. We all have our inner demons that can limit our ability to be effective and enjoy the ride. In this masterclass, agile author and Product Leadership Coach Geoff Watts will highlight the key areas of self-mastery that Product Managers need to be aware of and give you tools and techniques to bring them into balance.

Because how can you expect to master anything else if you can’t master yourself?!


Additional Information

What can you expect?

In this interactive and thought-provoking masterclass led by renowned author and coach Geoff Watts, you'll learn how to identify and balance your personal biases, drivers, and blind spots to become a more well-rounded product leader. We'll cover various psychological aspects that impact your ability to be an effective product leader, including perfectionism, impostor syndrome, people-pleasing, impatience, independence, and performance anxiety.

Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the human side of product management and develop skills that will benefit not only yourself but also everyone you interact with in the business of building great products.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from a renowned expert in the field of product management. Register now for "Mindful Product Leadership" and take your product leadership skills to the next level!

Tickets include:

  • 2 full days; sessions from 09:00 to approx. 16:30
  • Give away bag with valueable PO items
  • Lunch and tea break catering
  • Get together on the first evening 23rd of May

For Masterclass participants we offer special additional coaching sessions - face-2-face on 25th of May as well as remote.