Protecting Your Family and Ministry in the Internet Age

Living in the modern hi-tech world, we do our best to keep up with technical developments and use the numerous technological and virtual solutions that it offers. Although there are evident benefits, we find ourselves exposed to a variety of harmful things such as pornography, that can ruin our lives, our children’s lives, our marriages, our families and our ministries. This course is designed for those of you who wish to secure your family’s and your staff’s devices, and at the same time not damaging openness but rather building a trust-based relationship. Our experienced and highly qualified speakers – Thea Escalante, IT Manager of the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, and Denver Root, IT Director of King of Kings Ministries, will teach you a variety of skills and introduce you to tools that will help you protect the devices of your family and your staff, including computers (mac and windows), tablets and phones (iOS and androids). Dr. Katherine Snyder, Director of the Anchor of Hope Counseling Center, will provide you with practical advice and a deeper understanding of how to implement those changes in your family and ministry in a healthy and trustworthy way.

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