• ACADA Members Public Liability & Product Insurance (underwritten by one of Australia's most reputable insures, Elder's Insurance) is available only to current financial ACADA members living within Australia. This insurance policy is designed for home based decorators running a small home based cake decorating, baking or sweet business. It covers you for $20m coverage for any baked or food products. If you are on selling food or cakes to retailers for on-sale, you are considered a commercial business. If this is the case this policy is not designed for you. This policy covers you for selling cakes, sweets or baked goods at markets, fetes , bridal expos and cake shows as well as covering you for deliveries to and from home, wedding and event venues. It also covers you for conducting classes for up to 5 people if they are conducted from your home. This is an excellent policy designed for cake decorators running a home based business. The reason the annual subscription is so low is due to ACADA's not for profit status. We do not profit from insurance services we provide to our members. They are offered at cost. If you are not an ACADA member, membership is $75 and can be purchased through the ACADA website through this link To learn more about ACADA Members Public Liability & Product Insurance please visit the ACADA website. You will also find Elder's Disclaimer Statement through this link
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