An evening of engineering stories about building, scaling and taking risks with our product


Dave Lynch

"Embrace the uncertainty: How to move fast with partial information"

At Intercom, we’ve learned it’s important to realise you might never have complete understanding of a problem. The reality is, if you're waiting to understand everything to make a move, you'll lose.

Waheed El Miladi

"Building boring software"

From the movies we watch to the lives we lead, we’re conditioned to think exciting things are the best. But when it comes to building software we should avoid excitement and embrace boring..

Ingrid Epure

"Resilience: An operational journey"

After a critical project failed our production systems team realised that a new solution wouldn't be enough - we’d also have to change the way the team operates.

Gavin Joyce

"Smartphone symphony"

A collective audience demo using the devices in our pockets.

Serena Fritsch

"Five more minutes: Building Snooze at Intercom"

Building a feature that has the potential to change your most loyal customer’s daily workflow? Your product engineers will need to learn the importance of ownership, passion and empathy.

Eoin Nolan

"The dimensions of great product teams"

To move quickly towards a mission, the core attributes of product teams –strategy, design, engineering – need to be well aligned. But how do you achieve that alignment and what happens when you don’t?


  • *Show Student ID at door of event. All proceeds go to Coderdojo.
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