Intelligent Plant - Inform Prize 2021 - Level Three Software Engineering Presentations

Now into its 8th year, The Inform Prize, which is funded by Intelligent Plant, was launched in 2014 to encourage Computing Science students at Aberdeen University to think about how they might communicate their ideas and research findings to future customers and employers. The prize of £800 is awarded at the end of a third year project, where students are initially tasked with creating a digital solution to a real life problem. During the final stages of the project, students are asked to present their idea to a panel of judges, give a live demonstration of the product in action, and take part in a rigorous question and answer session, before the judging panel go on to decide who the winner is.

On the Day

Anyone can join remotely and support the level three and four software engineering teams efforts

  • 13:00        Guests log in
  • 13:10        Overview of the Course - Bruce Scharlau
  • 13:15        Introduction to the Inform Prize - Steve Aitken
  • 13:20        Level Three presentations start
  • 14:20        Networking and Level Four poster discussions
  • 14:40        Announcement of the Inform Prize 2021 Winner

Select this link to see Steve's Interview - 2019


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