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6.00pm Open : Vaults food, drinks, social
6.30pm Intro : Welcome orientation from iNOG and Cisco
6.40pm Talk 1 George Ryan (FIT) Introduction to FIT(Fast Track into IT) programs, NetEng, SoftDev, Cyber
6.45pm Talk 2 Jason Edelman @jedelman8 (NetworkToCode) A New Look at Enterprise Network Operations
7.05pm Talk 3 Laura Nolan @lauralifts (Independent) On the ethical crisis in technology
7.20pm Short break
7.25pm Talk 4 Oliver Herms @taktv6 (EXARING AG) Probing your network - and only your network - with MPLS and GRE
7.45pm Talk 5 Jose Liste @jliste2002 (Cisco Systems) Unleashing Segment Routing Traffic Engineering capabilities with SR Flexible Algorithms
8.10pm Outro : community notices, updates, and social meet and greet in mezzanine
9.20pm Soft stop
9.30pm Hard stop


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  • Free as always, does what it says on the tin.
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