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6.00pm - Open : Vaults food, drinks, social
6.30pm - Intro : welcome orientation from iNOG
6.40pm Talk 1 Oliver Herms @taktv6 (EXARING AG) Probing your network - and only your network - with MPLS and GRE
6.55pm Talk 2 Person One @person (Company) Talk Title
7.10pm Talk 3 Person One @person (Company) Talk Title
7.30pm Talk 4 Jose Liste @jliste2002 (Cisco Systems) Segment Routing Related Talk (Title TBC)
8.00pm - Outro : community notices, updates, and social meet and greet in mezzanine
9.40pm Soft stop
10.00pm Hard stop


  • Free as always, does what it says on the tin.
  • As per the name, this enables a pool for us to buy swag and stickers for forthcoming events which are given away freely or as prizes/incentives. This is done via an organiser's company e.g. Defensible Limited. Amount is VAT inclusive.
  • This buys you the warm feeling that you've helped fund the behind-the-scenes efforts that make each iNOG happen. You really get nothing else, no preferential treatment, no guarantee of talks, just warm and fuzzies. Close to 50 hours of unpaid planning, meetings, testing, hosting, web/video/copy editing and design, marketing etc. goes in to each iNOG. This helps recoup a small portion of sunk costs via the organizer's registered entities. Amount is VAT inclusive.
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