Call for talks ->

6.00pm - Open : food, drinks, social
6.30pm - Intro : welcome and intro from iNOG
6.40pm Talk 1: Vesna Manojlovic @Ms_Multicolor RIPE - Ethics in Technology
6.55pm Talk 2: Matt Oswalt @mierdin + David Gee @vtep42 (Juniper Networks) , Network Reliability Engineering - Automation's North Star
7.20pm Talk 3: Sofia Silva Berenguer @SofiaSilvaB APNIC - BGP Data Collection in the AP region, creating better local maps
7.35pm Talk 4: Eric Leahy @ericleahy+ Daniele Vazzola @danielevazzola (Workday) "How to monitor yourself for free!"
8.00pm - Outro : community notices, updates, and social meet and greet
9.40pm Soft stop
10.00pm Hard stop