INNOCOS Napa Valley

Beyond Beauty: Marketing and eCommerce Trends, Growth Strategies and the Pursuit of Longevity in Beauty and Wellness.

The INNOCOS Summit 2024 is poised to delve into the nexus of beauty, health, and wellness, focusing on pursuing longevity. In a world where consumers increasingly yearn for all-encompassing, scientifically substantiated and easily accessible solutions for their health and well-being, the beauty industry is broadening its horizons to meet the escalating demand for products and services geared towards longevity. This summit seeks to unite luminaries from beauty, health, technology, and well-being to dissect the most recent trends, innovations, and opportunities in this swiftly evolving industry.

In the digital realm, we're witnessing an unprecedented convergence with the natural world, unveiling possibilities previously unexplored. Beauty and wellness dismantle barriers tied to economic status, cultural disparities, and gender divides.

At the INNOCOS Summit, wellness is seamlessly interwoven into our indoor-outdoor concept. The program is meticulously crafted to deliver myriad experiences that transcend conventional boundaries. From invigorating sessions that spark inspiration to avant-garde biohacking endeavours, from tranquil infusions to transformative mindfulness and spiritual sessions – we aim to envelop you in a holistic journey that nurtures your well-being and reconnects you with the rejuvenating power of nature.

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