National Tournament 2022

Doors open at 7:30am on Saturday. You must check in by 8:00am. Opening Remarks begin at 8:00am.

When making travel arrangements, consider that we may complete the tournament as late as 8pm on Sunday. We expect to finish much earlier, but later-round matches in a tournament tend to run late.

Tournament Format

This will be an ANY DOUBLES tournament, meaning you may partner with whomever you choose. This person must be specified at time of registration. Matches will be a single 16-frame game, with teams changing color and side after 8 frames. Each player will be allowed 8 warm-up discs before frames 1 and 9.

We will have a consolation bracket. Teams will therefore be guaranteed at least two games.

Registration Details

Assuming we reach capacity, we will have a first place prize of at least $1000. The entry fee for the tournament is $35 per player ($70 per team).

Teams that register twice will have their second registration canceled. This cancellation is subject to our cancellation policy (defined below). If you do not have a teammate, please contact the board at A very limited number of Free Agent tickets are available. Players attempting to register for a team without a partner will have their registration canceled (subject to cancellation policy).

YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF A STATE ASSOCIATION RECOGNIZED BY THE NATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD ASSOCIATION TO PARTICIPATE IN A NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. All are welcomed to register as a member of the Illinois Shuffleboard Association on our website. dues are $25, paid annually.

To ensure we have space for our shufflers from out of town, we will be limiting the number of folks who can register from Chicago initially and establishing a wait list, in case any spaces open up. Please do not attempt to register as an out of town player if you're local. We will attempt to move you if there is capacity. Otherwise we will simply refund your registration fee (subject to cancellation policy), and you will not have a space in the tournament. Local players may register as out of town if their partner is from out of town.

Food and Lodging Details

Food will not be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own meal and snacks. There are several restaurants in the area, and each team will be allotted a lunch break. Water will be provided by our venue for no charge. The bar will be open an selling various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for an additional charge starting at 12pm each day.

There are several lodging options in the area. More information can be found in our Hotel Information Guide. The club is an 8-minute walk from the Blue Line Train, Damen or Western (O'Hare Branch) stations.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are available for tickets purchased, subject to a $5 processing fee. Refunds will be available until July 1st 2022. The board will consider special circumstances for refunds beyond that date. If you have questions, need to cancel, or need to change your partner, you may contact us at Changing partners does not have a fee. Tickets cannot be transferred.

Code of Conduct

By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to abide by the Illinois Shuffleboard Association Code of Conduct Defined Below:

The following Code of Conduct represents the policy for the Illinois Shuffleboard Association (ILSA). It applies to members, elected officials, committee members, instructors, referees, spectators and all participants of an ILSA hosted tournament. The Code of Conduct will be enforced. Any member violating the intent of the policy may have their membership revoked.

Play the game with a spirit of good sportsmanship and act in a responsible manner. All players should conduct themselves in a manner that will ensure a welcoming, respectful, and comfortable environment for all.

Members must acknowledge that we are all representatives of a global shuffleboard community. As such, one must respect the age, spirituality, ethnic background and race, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities of all persons involved.

There shall be no action as an attempt to intimidate, harass or demean opponents, teammates, officials, members, and spectators. This includes; threats, hurtful language, inappropriate disruption of events, unwanted sexual attention, bullying, or stalking - in person, online, or via social media.

Be aware of one’s surroundings. Be courteous, responsible, and respectful.