Gothla 2024 - Bloody Valentine

Another virtual GothlaUK brings out the darker souls of Imbolc....



Sunday, 25 February 2024

10:30am – 11:30am GMT
Bridie: Yoga in Black - Bhumi Flow

I am very excited to be bringing this beautiful Dru Yoga sequence to the Gothla community this year, with a Yoga in Black twist. Bhumi is the Sanskrit goddess who is the embodiment of the Earth, much like the Greek Gaia. In this sequence we will invoke and honour the energies of the Earth, grounding ourselves and drawing Earth energies up in to the heart centre to radiate outwards into the world. Perfect at this time of year when the Earth is just starting to wake up from her Winter hibernation. Expect gentle yet powerful stretches to warm the body, breath work to energise and focus, visualisations to open the heart and mind, and a short relaxation at the end to bring it all together to prepare for a day of dancing.

You will need a space big enough to lie down in, a chair if you have any issues with your knees or balance, a blanket and cushion for relaxation and your chosen refreshment to keep hydrated. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement.

This class is suitable for all abilities, as modifications can always be made to all postures. Please contact me ahead of time if you have any questions or physical issues that I should know about (high or low blood pressure, back, neck or knee problems, pregnancy etc.). Although I am fully insured as a yoga teacher, online yoga classes are taken at your own risk. Please consult a medical professional prior to attending if you have any concerns.


Bridie has been teaching people to move since the mid-2000's, gaining teaching certificates in Black Sheep format for synchronised group improv. Qualifying as a Dru Yoga instructor in 2014, she has since gone on to complete post-graduate diplomas in Yoga for Back Care and Dru Dance. During lockdown she also completed a teaching certificate in Dru Meditation. Her occasional side project, Yoga in Black, gives her an opportunity to explore the parallels and cross-overs between her studies in yogic philosophy and her knowledge of the Western Mystery tradition, gained over 35 years of practice as a ceremonial magician and ordained gnostic priestess. She is director of Black Veil Dance Group, leads weekly classes in belly dance in Wrexham, and teaches a weekly yoga class online. In her other life she is a full-time costume maker at Theatr Clwyd in Mold, lives in Wrexham with her partner and cat, likes riding motorbikes and hates housework and gardening.

11:45am – 12:45pm GMT
Doe Demure: Glamour Ghoul School + optional video project

A bewitching invitation to the Glamour Ghoul School, where headmistress Doe Demure weaves a spellbinding fusion of burlesque and belly dance. A sultry choreography awaits, set to the hypnotic sounds of ‘Glory Box' by Portishead, beckoning dancers to lose themselves in a tantalizing world of pin-up allure and gothic flair. Doe invites workshop participants to (optionally) film themselves dancing the routine to take part in a mash-up video, for a chance to grace her online Butterfly Boudoir show and Gothla UK socials. So come, embrace the lustful sounds, and surrender to the dark glamour of the Ghoul School.


Doe’s performance experience includes a solo show as an opening act for American rock band The Eels, and internationally at Banyoles, Spain. She has performed for music videos, modelled for pin up and fantasy themed photoshoots and catwalks, including a feature in USA Gothesque magazineand a magazine cover for BOMBSHELL.

Doe Demure has over a decade of experience teaching and performing burlesque and fusion belly dance. She performs a range of styles from glamorous vintage belly dance reminiscent of the golden era, to otherworldly Gothic and ethereal fusion. Doe is a versatile choreographer and generous teacher who aims to instil confidence and spark inspiration in her students. She is choreographer to Skytribe Fusion Bellydance and Chicas Locas Burlesque, and is on the books of premier UK belly dance agency Taste of Cairo.

Doe is a part of team Gothla UK, organising the Friday theatre show. Based in Leicester UK, you can find her classes and workshops on her website at

2:00pm – 3:00pm GMT
Ethel AnimA: The Power of Lilith

In this class, we will delve into the character of Lilith and dance as the dark goddess. Passion, demonism, strength, and power. You will need wings or 2 shawls and your demonic mood for this class


Ethel AnimA is a famous performer and international teacher of tribal fusion dance. She is organizer of the Tribal Festival in Krakow, Poland, and specialises in Dark Tribal Fusion style.

Ethel is the creator of vivid emotional images and spectacular performances.

Ethel brings a dark vibe and vision through her classes and performances. She tells you dark fairytales with plenty of drama and vivid magical characters.

Her images are a grim universe filled with demons, vampires and fairies that fascinate, capture and amaze. In her performances, Ethel always conveys deep feelings and emotions. The dark side that is in all of us...

Connoisseurs of dark aesthetics will be delighted.

3:15pm – 4:15pm GMT
Tempest: Sigils in Motion - Movement with Magic

When you dance, are you just going through the motions, or are you connecting to your movements at a deeper level? Learn how to bring meaning and expression to your dance from the inside out. Discover the energy and meaning behind core dance moves, shapes, and patterns - which will help you create more meaningful and impactful dance work - whether building a choreography or improvising in the moment.


Laura Tempest Zakroff is a professional artist, author, performer, and Modern Traditional Witch based in New England. Laura is the author of several bestselling Llewellyn books including Weave the Liminal, Sigil Witchery, Visual Alchemy, and Anatomy of a Witch, as well as the artist and author of the awarding-winning decks Anatomy of a Witch Oracle and The Liminal Spirits Oracle. Laura also edited The New Aradia: A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance and the Gorgon's Guide to Magical Resistance from Revelore Press*.* As Tempest, she has been a major pioneer of fusion bellydance for over 25 years. Her compellingly artful performances exemplify her distinctively theatrical, unique, and expressive style that are rooted in oriental dance technique with a transcendent approach. Tempest’s fascination with sacred and ritual dance led her to bellydance, and she strives to help others connect mind, body, and spirit through movement.Laura is the creative force behind several community events and teaches workshops online and worldwide.

More info:

4:30pm – 5:30pm GMT
Kasper: Secret Recipe for Improvisation & Choregraphy

Learn how Kasper uses the simplest ingredients to perform dynamic improvisational dances on the fly as well as create complex original choreographies (Hint: the secret’s in the sauce…actually, it lies within a dark nursery rhyme. Shhh!) This session is sure to get your brain firing and your blood pumping! There will be opportunities for those who choose to show off their creations. If you’re stumped in the creativity department or just looking for fun ways to spice up your dance flow, this one’s for you! (All dance levels)


Kasper began dancing competitively in team pom, jazz, and hip-hop at age 11 and continued competing throughout high school and college. She briefly coached her college competition dance team while instructing at two local children's dance studios, but it wasn't until after graduating as a Physical Therapist Assistant that she stumbled into the world of belly dance. She's been addicted to serving the belly dance community ever since!

"I started my belly dance journey under the direction of certified instructor Therese Wyatt, and I continue to practice my dance technique with her in Maverick Moon. I am now also a certified BlackSheep Dance Company instructor (Levels 1, 2, & 3) with ongoing work to learn additional formats as well. In addition, I later joined the Stygian Collective online and I enjoy creating dark fusion solo and group videos with them.

Although I feel most at home dancing within a group, I've recently begun pushing myself more as a solo artist out of a necessity to express my unique individuality. My movements are informed by workshops with Amy Sigil, Kae Montgomery, Zoe Jakes, Donna Mejia, Karim Nagi, Ebony Qualls, Kamrah, Kendra Katz, Sadie Marquardt, Tempest, Hannah Mullins, Jill Parker, Kami Liddle, April Rose, Kajira Djoumahna, Ami Amore, Bevin Victoria, Michelle Sorensen, Deb Rubin, Sahira, Silvia Salamanca, & Rachel Brice (among others)!

As a creative individual, I’ve always loved having the opportunity to share my ideas, opinions and talents with others around me. Teaching and instructing has provided such a wonderful outlet to do exactly that."

7:30pm – 12:00am GMT
Bloody Valentine Show

The show!

Estimated Finish...the Witching Hour

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