Global Diversity CFP Day: Australia and Oceania

Events or conferences looking for speakers start a process called "Call for Proposals". This is an invitation for anyone interested in taking part to submit their idea for a talk or workshop. Proposals are an outline of what you'd like to talk about and helps organisers choose talks for their events.

To get your 2021 off to a flying start, and start your journey to becoming a tech conference speaker, join us for an online event (in Australian timezones 😱), brimming with advice on:

  • Putting together your first tech conference proposal
  • Figuring out what you should propose a talk about
  • Crafting that all important biography
  • Structuring your talk
  • and a whole lot more!

All this from seasoned speakers and conference organisers

Start time:

  • 08:00 Australian Western Standard Time
  • 11:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • 13:00 New Zealand Daylight Time

End time:

  • 14:00 Australian Western Standard Time
  • 17:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • 19:00 New Zealand Daylight Time


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By the power of Tito