Vue.js Live 2023


Over the past years, Vue.js London has grown from a local Meetup of developers to a global conference. Our community has followed the expansion of the ecosystem as a response to the increasing complexity of JavaScript app development.

It's highly recommended to take the Vue development journey with the help of your fellow engineers – so connect with the global network of field experts and explore the framework in London, UK!

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Remote participation tickets

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct.


  • Access to conference days on May 12 (in-person with after-party) & May 15 (remote)

    All full remote ticket features and free short remote workshops included.

    PRO workshops not included.

    EX. VAT @20%
  • Get full in-person access to all the GitNation hybrid conferences: React Day Berlin 2022, Vue.js Live 2023, JSNation 2023, React Summit 2023.

    Full access to remote conferences is included: TestJS Summit 2022, GraphQL Galaxy 2022, Node.js Congress 2023, etc.

    EX. VAT @20%
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