• Talks on February 18 only. Below Full HD streaming quality. No workshops, no interactivity, no February 19 talks.
  • You get free 3h workshops, Full HD streaming quality, discussion rooms focused on particular technologies, participating Q&A sessions, a remote after-party with speakers, Quake tournament, speaker personal discussion rooms, Certificates on Workshops & Conference participation, instant access to talks recordings.
  • Access to both days of the conference and all full ticket perks. 15% discount for teams. Standard VAT applies only to NL-based buyers and EU-based buyers/companies without the VAT ID. VAT 0 orders are subject to validation and cancellation in case of non-compliant invoice data provided.
  • Get free access to GitNation remote conferences: TestJS Summit, Node Congress, DevOps.js Conference, JSNation Live 2021 (watch only to both tracks), React Summit Remote Edition 2021 (watch only to both tracks), GraphQL Galaxy & ML Conf EU talk recordings. Plus a number of other perks and discounts – read more on
  • All the features of Conference Multipass at discounted price for teams. It's more fun to attend together with friends and colleagues. More details –
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